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Team Fortress 2's next Halloween update on the way, in the meantime, here's a comic

I like Team Fortress 2 but, at this point, I think I like Team Fortress 2 comics more. Luckily, one usually coincides with the other, meaning that everyone wins. At least, everyone except those traumatised veterans, huddled in their corner, muttering about how everything was better when this was just a patch of dust, and before fancy headwear meant that everybody looked fabulous. The next update will, inevitably, be the annual Halloween event. In preparation for that, here's a comic about some ghosts .

The TF2 blog isn't giving any hints as to what the update might contain, but - if I were to guess - I'd say a spooky 'Event' version of an existing map, and possibly some form of boss NPC. You know, like Valve have done every year. Personally, I'd quite like to see a return to the more subtle, ghostly presence of the very first Harvest event map, who's haunting I always preferred to the killable boss battles. It probably won't be that, though, what with the comic mentioning a portal to hell.

There's no timetable for the update's release. It's likely to be soon, though, because Halloween is only two days away.

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