Team Fortress 2 players receive Refreshing Summer Coolers, speculation begins

Refreshing Summer Cooler Thumbnail

Team Fortress 2 servers have been overflowing with new players since the game went free to play recently. In the midst of all the chaos players have started receiving Refreshing Summer Coolers as random item drops. Unlike normal Mann Co. Supply Crates, these coolers can't be opened with a crate key. Their contents will remain a mystery until shortly before the crate expires at 11 PM July 11, when a mysterious summer something will happen, but what?

What could lie inside the Refreshing Summer Cooler, a refreshing summer beverage, perhaps? Could we see more buff potions similar to Scout Bonk drink? July 11 is a Monday. Will Valve throw another TF2 weekend event just before the coolers expire? It seems likely. Will special items be needed to unlock the coolers, and will they cost money? If so, how much? There are almost too many questions. What do you think will happen? You'll find the official description for the new item below.

Tom Senior

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