Team Fortress 2 fixes its unintentionally crazy hats

Team Fortress 2 has long been the bastion for collectors of unusual headgear, triumphing even the panda-hat-obsessed population of Ragnarok Online. Lately, though, TF2's headgear has gotten really weird, with fancy effects taking flight to hover above players' heads like hat spirits having some kind of out-of-brim experience. It even weirded out Valve enough to make them put a stop to it in their latest update.

In the latest TF2 blog post , the newest update will reign in unusual particle effects ; no longer will you see sparks being randomly emitted every which way in spectator mode, nor will clouds of flies collect curiously mid-air above player corpses. (Though that last one would certainly add a special kind of realism to TF2.)

Some other mild fixes have been applied, too—a server crash caused by out-of-range animation sequence numbers should no longer occur, and crates have been rearranged in the community market. But what's important, obviously, is the hats. When you next restart TF2 the update will be applied automatically, expediting your reunion with beautiful, non-glitchy hats.