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Team Fortress 2 charity tournament roster announced: Day[9], Valve, Notch, and more

The good people at TF2 Mixup (actually a collaboration between Gamers United , Vanilla TF2 , eXtv , and Kritzkast ) are gathering another League of Extraordinary Internet People to fight for the benefit of Doctors Worldwide in Team Fortress 2. Announced today, the line-up includes StarCraft 2 emissary Day[9], TF2 creator Robin Walker, YouTuber Freddie Wong, Notch, Counter-Strike pro cArn, and me, apparently.

The match will take place in early December. More importantly, you can win a chance to play alongside us by donating to Doctors Worldwide through the tournament. The more you donate, the higher your chances of earning a spot on the server. How much are you willing to spend for a chance to shoot Tay Zonday with TF2 weapons?

The last TF2 Mixup , videoed below, was a happy success, raising $14,462.25 for Child's Play.

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