Team Fortress 2 Aperture Science map adds GLaDOS and portals

TF2 Aperture Science - GLaDOS

A modder has recreated Portal's Aperture Science labs as a Team Fortress 2 map. Players must fight over one central control point deep inside the facility, and can make use of energy barriers and portals to fight off the other team. If you've ever wanted to see an ubered Heavy carving it up in GLaDOS' chambers, then you'll definitely want to give this map a go. You'll find more information, and screens below.

The level is available now as a 34MB download from TF2 maps . The Red team drop in from a helicopter outside the labs, while the Blu team spawn near GLaDOS' chamber. Both must fight for control of a control point situated in the middle of a test chamber.

The glowing energy balls that were used to power switches in Portal can be found bouncing around a couple of rooms, and will instantly kill anyone who comes in contact with them. There are also a couple of routes into the central control room that can be opened up with a pair of switches on the outskirts of the level. Energy barriers and stationary portals add even more intrigue to this well-designed, polished tribute to Portal. Check out the screens of the map below. Click to see them full size.

Tom Senior

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