Tales of Monkey Island boxed edition released, special edition available

Tales of Monkey Island

Telltale's episodic series of Monkey Island games is getting a boxed edition and a special edition release that contains a batch of special Monkey Island loot. If you've already bought an episode, buying the rest of the series will net you a free copy of the boxed edition.

The standard edition includes a disk with all five episodes in one place, and is being sold on the Telltale site for $34.99. It also comes with a few digital bonuses including a highlight real with team commentary and some bonus wallpapers. For Monkey Island fans, the special edition box comes with some extra goodies, including the following:

  • A map of the Gulf of Melange

  • A Voodoo Card

  • A Drink Coaster from Club 41

  • A Pirate piece of Eight coin

  • The Trial of the Century badge

The special edition costs $49.99 and is also available from the Telltale site. The boxed edition has been available to pre-order since March of last year, but it's finally here.

Tom Senior

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