System Shock remake's cyberspace looks like an EDM Descent

In the original System Shock, jacking into cyberspace terminals transports you to a wireframe reality full of security constructs and programmes floating around. At the time, back in 1994, it seemed like a surreal, high concept thing, but one that was a bit baffling and not much of a looker. Since then, however, it's had a real glow up, and in the System Shock remake it looks like an EDM Descent. 

Nightdive Studios showed off cyberspace's new look for the first time over the weekend, and just like with everything else, the makeover has been a significant one. You're still floating in a blocky 3D space full programmes bobbing around, but now the whole thing is drenched in neon and has an almost pulsating quality—like you've just hacked your way into a nightclub. 

Classic cyberspace (Image credit: Nightdive Studios)

Judging from the clip, navigation and shooting both look like less of a faff, giving the virtual diversion a faster, slicker pace than its 1994 predecessor. And while the number of enemies in the video and their level of aggression are both low, it still seems frenetic and, at least in comparison to the original, pretty thrilling.

If you're more interested in meatspace, the cyberspace preview was accompanied by a look at System Shock's dismemberment system. All the stuff you can shoot on the space station can blow up into little chunks, letting you get a good look at what's inside them—it's mostly gore. 

Nightdive has yet to confirm a release date for System Shock, though it's expected soon. In the meantime, you can still download the alpha demo from Steam and GOG.

Fraser Brown
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