Syberia 3 confirmed by Microids

Syberia II

Syberia is cold. So cold, in fact, it causes the first "i" in any word to freeze into a "y" shape. And only when it's used in the word "Syberia." Yes, it's a very concentrated form of cold. French developer Microids' beloved point-and-click adventure series will get a third revisit to the mythical land of mammoths and machines sometime between 2014 and 2015, according to an announcement post on Facebook .

Original Syberia designer and director Benoit Sokal is returning to helm the project. Publisher Anuman Interactive is shooting for a "multiplatform" release after Sokal finalizes the script next year.

Both Syberia games charted the half-surreal journeys of American lawyer Kate Walker in a puzzle-heavy tundra reminiscent of Russia's Siberian region. The colorful mixture of art nouveau and steampunk earned accolades as one of the strongest examples of the adventure genre's staying power throughout the early 2000's.

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