SWTOR patch 1.1 officially set to launch tomorrow

Star Wars The Old Republic boss fight

Not a very long, long time ago at all, BioWare put a damper on eager SWTOR players' plans with a delay for patch 1.1 . The Rakghouls, the RPG powerhouse said, would rise - as they are wont to do - "within the next few days." Happily, that means tomorrow , as it turns out. The ceremonial eight hours of downtime - originally scheduled to occur this morning - have now light-speed jumped to tomorrow's early/less early hours. More specifically, patch prep will run from 2AM CST (12AM PST/3AM EST/8AM GMT/9AM CET) until 10AM CST (8AM PST/11AM EST/4PM GMT/5PM CET). So it's kind of like a SOPA protest, but with free presents at the end!