Swedish Indie Pack, currently 81% off on Steam

There have been quite a few Swedish games in the last few years, from the arty Blueberry Garden to the... The Ball. With the Swedish Indie Pack , you can get 10 games just £10.99 - a saving of £49.41. And now to get through the full list without making a single cheap pop-culture reference.

This is going to be quite a challenge, isn't it?

The Indie Pack kicks off with Blueberry Garden - a very laid-back experience that's a little bit interactive fairytale and a lot of living world. Next up is Bob Came In Pieces, in which a crashed alien has to explore a strange new world and build a ship capable of escaping. After that, it's the slightly confused-about-its-own-existence Dwarfs?! which is about dwarves doing dwarf things - mostly of the mining and building underground bases variety. It's not exactly Dwarf Fortress, but it is at least easier to play.

Puzzle game Hamilton's Great Adventure comes next, with many levels of exploration and puzzle solving. Harvest: Massive Encounter then jumps to full-on RTS as you do the commanding and conquering thing - apparently with a 'unique style of resource management and exploration'.

Lead and Gold: Gangs Of The Wild West takes the action into the third-person, who is probably very unhappy about that, as you have gunfights and multiplayer shooting in the Old West. Just as action packed, but rather more cuddly, then comes Noitu Love 2: Devolution, the first side-scroller about the political intricacies of handing down power from a centralised government to regional bodies.

Heading back to the land of the cerebral, "Doctor Entertainment" prescribes multiple levels of Puzzle Dimension - a quest to roll around a world collecting sunflowers for some reason, before leaping through a portal for more brain-teasers. Following in its heels, Saira adds a little platforming to those puzzles, along with a funky graphical style. Finally, The Ball is about a big ball that you push around to solve problems, winning many points for accuracy in game titling and simultaneously explaining why most games go a little further afield. The Ball: Revelations? That would have worked.

Ten games. £10.99. You have another 35 hours or so if you wish to partake. And we're done! With no tawdry jokes at all! Thankfully, there was nothing post-apocalyptic that would lend itself to a "The Ghoul With The Dragon Tattoo" joke, a lack of punny names means Ikea'd you not and we got through the whole thing without one single borking mention of the third greatest of all the Muppe-

...damn it. So close! Sorry, Sweden.