Survarium update 0.50 adds long-awaited PvE mode

Earlier this year, online survival shooter Survarium dropped its update 0.47. With it, came a "story-driven tutorial mission" that offered the game's first taste of PvE. Update 0.50 has now dropped, adding fully-functioning PvE for the first time by way of a new story mission. 

Moreover, players of the Stalker-like FPS can now explore a new map on three varying difficulty settings. Developer Vostok hopes to gather player feedback before adding further levels down the line. 

"Especially for this mode, we have created a new location with a lot of both open and closed spaces," says the dev. "The task we tried to solve was to successfully add an element of exploration and interaction with the characters found in the game world. To complete the PvE mission, players will need a squad of three: they can invite their friends, or use the selection of random partners."

Vostok continues, suggesting those keen on exploring will discover "special caches with unique rewards", beyond the game's overarching story. 

The developer adds: "When playing a mission, you must complete a series of tasks and ultimately reach a control point. It is enough if only one player in your team reaches it: in this case, should any team members have died during the quest, they will be respawned. However, If all three player characters are killed, the mission is considered lost and you'll be required to start from the beginning."

Survarium's update 0.50 is out now—more information can be found via the game's official site