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Survarium opens its doors for one-day beta access this Friday

Survarium—the Stalker-ish free-to-play online shooter —is preparing for "Doors Open Day" this Friday. Think of it like the opening of Pandora's box, only instead of all the world's evil, it's letting loose limited access to the game. And instead of a slow descent into guilt and madness, you've got a gun.

For 24-hours only, the game will be available to try in open beta, after which, its doors again slam shut. As early warning for what to expect, creators Vostok have created a video preview of the game's progress.

The 25th has been earmarked for the open access event. After that, potential players will have to wait for the full open beta; something Vostok say isn't too far away.

Currently the MMO shooter consists of just a PvP mode. In time, Vostok want the game to be a full online survival experience, in which mutants roam the lands, and humans fight over valuable anomalies.

To participate, head to the Survarium website on the 25th to download the game's latest client.

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