Supreme Commander 2 AI updated, new DLC units revealed

Supcom 2 UEF Dreadnoughts

Gas Powered Games have released a video to brag about their excellent redesign of the AI for Supreme Commander 2 in its recent patches, and they've snuck in tantalising clips of some of the new super-units that will be included as part of the upcoming Infinite War Battle Pack DLC. Video and info below.

A couple of new DLC units are revealed in the trailer. The UEF get new Dreadnaught class ships, which are hard to see for all the fiery death they're raining down on the nearby base. The Cybrans show off their 'Nuke Re-director', which zaps incoming nukes, causing them to turn tail. It's unclear whether there's a limit on the number of times a nuke can be diverted. I'm hoping Cybran players with nuke redirectors will be able to play nuclear tennis, bouncing nukes back and forth over the heads of their battling land armies.

These aren't the first images of the new super units, the Aegis Shield Generator and the Monkeylord were revealed a few weeks ago, along with a list of all the units that will be appearing in the DLC. Gas Powered Games are organising a tournament to show off the new units and maps, and you can sign up and participate here. The Infinite War Battle Pack DLC is due to be released on September 28th.

Tom Senior

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