New experimentals for Supreme Commander 2

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Supreme Commander 2 is getting the first game's mighty Monkeylord experimental spiderbot as a DLC unit. But that's not all. Gas Powered say there'll be other experimentals in the DLC, and if you dig around in the game files, you'll find references to not only the Monkeylord, but 13 other new units and 8 new maps - including two 8 player ones. Some of the new units sound fun, like the Experimental Shield Destroyer, while others are just weird at this point. Experimental Unpacking Cannon? Here's the full list.

Cybran Nation

  • Intellitron: Air Scout
  • Boomerang: Nuclear Missile Defense
  • Recycler: Mass Reclaiming Facility
  • Cicada: Experimental Mobile Cloak Generator
  • Monkeylord: Experimental Spiderbot


  • Research Convertor: Research Conversion Facility
  • Field Engineer: Mobile Repair and Support Unit
  • Super Triton: Experimental Dreadnought
  • Jackhammer: Experimental Unpacking Cannon
  • Aegis: Experimental Shield Generator


  • Shotja: Sniper Bot
  • Buhbledow: Experimental Shield Destroyer
  • Sooprizer: Experimental Gunship
  • Illuminator: Experimental Intel Gathering Station


  • Way Station Zeta (2v2)
  • Tourney Dome (4v4, FFA)
  • Rigs (2v2, FFA)
  • Etched Desert (4v4, FFA, 2v2)
  • Desolatia (1v1)
  • Seraphim Isles (4v4, 2v2)
  • Igneous (3v3)
  • QAI Labs (1v1)

Field engineer! Sniper bot! Mass reclaiming facility! Mobile cloak generator! Research converter! This is going to get nuts. We'll let you know if and when this list is official, and what the price and release date will be. Thanks to RebelliousUno for spotting the list.

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