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Supreme Commander 2 DLC screenshots

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The Supreme Commander 2 DLC reveal trailer sneakily reveals more than we first realised. Designer Chris Taylor jumps in on the end of a pedestrian strategy video to announce that the first game's Monkeylord unit will return. But before he even does that, another experimental has been shown. Lo, is that not the Aegis Experimental Shield Generator in the background, as mentioned in the leaked Supreme Commander 2 DLC details ? It looks so... protective .

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For a moment it also looks like you get a glimpse of the Cybran's hinted Recycler: a boringly named 'Mass reclaiming' structure. But the reason the nobbly little structure isn't familiar is that it's actually the Mass Converter they added for the faction in the last patch.

Here's the poster boy, Experimental Spiderbot: Monkeylord in all his SupCom2 glory.

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And here's a picture of their new cloak generator in action:

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[video via BigDownload ]