Supernatural stealth sequel Aragami 2 set for release in September

Aragami is a third-person stealth game about an undead assassin who can become invisible, teleport through shadows, and summon weapons (and even a Shadow Dragon!) in a fight to rescue the mysterious girl Yamiko from Kaiho, the Army of Light. Five years after its 2016 release, developer Lince Works has revealed that a sequel, Aragami 2, is coming in September.

In Aragami 2, players will face off against the Akatsuchi Empire, which is attempting to invade and destroy the Rashomon Valley. The full campaign will be playable solo or co-op for up to three players, and will feature "enhanced" stealth mechanics and a new combat system that the developers say prioritizes a strategic approach to battle.

"We’ve grown a lot since working on the original game and, as a larger studio, we have an opportunity to realize all the full potential of Aragami with this sequel," Lince Works game director David León said. "One of the things that we are truly excited about is the new combat system which not only gives existing fans a new way to play but welcoming new players with a more intense gameplay experience in Aragami 2."

That remains to be seen—Lince Works said that more about Aragami 2 will be revealed "very soon"—but it certainly looks cool, and in a stylish stealth game about cursed ninjas and demonic samurai, that counts for a lot. Aragami 2 is set to come out on September 17 and is available for pre-purchase now on Steam. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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