Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be free for owners of the original

We found Superhot: Mind Control Delete to be very good, although it won't actually be out on Steam until next week. The good news for owners of the original Superhot is that when it arrives, you'll get it for free.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete was originally envisioned as free DLC when it was announced in 2017, but has grown over the years into its own thing: Four times larger than the original game, according to developer Superhot Team, and with the core "time only moves when you do" mechanic expanded with new weapons, skills, and roguelike elements in the form of "practically endless, procedurally-generated temporal skirmishes."

It can be "bloody repetitive," we said in our 82/100 review (I told you it was very good), "but if you finished Superhot wanting more, Mind Control Delete offers just that. It's great for popping in and out of a handful of brawls during a lunch break, knowing that each gauntlet survived ensures more tools and more challenges for the next day’s run."

And, as mentioned, you can grab it free as long as you own the original. There are some restrictions, as detailed in this FAQ—the giveaway only applies to purchased copies of the game, not freebies, so if you picked it up through something like Twitch Prime or the Xbox Game Pass, you're not eligible. Superhot VR isn't eligible either, as they're "different games."

On the upside, the giveaway applies to all purchases of Superhot prior to July 17, so if you're interested, you've still got a week to snag it and set yourself up for the freebie. (Superhot is currently on sale on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store, by the way.)

"We’re incredibly lucky and privileged thanks to you. The support of you and all of those customers like you allows us to keep the studio independent. You let us run it however we please, without care about bottom lines and profit margins," Superhot Team said. 

"You’re allowing us to continue to do weird and wonderful things with our lives. It only seems fair that we try to return the favor. As a tiny token of our gratitude, we hope that coordinating this massive, complicated giveaway scheme helps bring a bit more joy into your life."

Superhot: Mind Control Delete comes out on July 16.

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Andy Chalk

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