Super Mario 64 mod gives you the power of Super Mario Odyssey's cap possession

Super Mario Odyssey may be a Switch exclusive (and very obviously never coming to PC), but we can still throw Mario's cap around and possess objects as much as we like, thanks to modder Kaze Emanuar

Emanuar has created a mod for emulated versions of Super Mario 64, which adds Odyssey's Cappy and its powers to the classic platformer. The first version let you take advantage of the cap's extra platforming abilities to reach locations much more easily, the second version added the ability to take control of enemies, and now, we have the third version. This one lets you take control of almost every object, from rotating platforms to exclamation blocks (you can see this in the GIF above).

If you've dumped a ROM of Mario 64 from an Nintendo 64 cartridge yourself, you can download the mod here. Remember to always practice caution when downloading anything from the internet. Think of it like collecting candy on Halloween: don't go to the weird house with the actual barbed wire on the fence, and don't forget to double-check your candy before eating it.

Emanuar has created quite a few interesting mods, one of the most notable being a brand new level for Super Mario 64. It's basically the inside of a giant PC, and it's accompanied by some really awesome music—though it definitely doesn't fit with the rest of 64's soundtrack. You can see it for yourself here.