Sunless Skies adds new threats with weather and worship update

By swapping the murky depths of Fallen London for the vast High Wilderness above, Sunless Skies is bigger and brighter than forerunner Sunless Sea. Keen to maintain the "peril and dread" of the latter, though, developer Failbetter Games has given Skies a Threat update—which adds weather, worship and a smattering of new scouts.

The Peacock Wind, for example, is a ripe and boisterous gale the can obscure the player's vision; while the Candle-Wind is a howling, "flickering" gust that mirrors that of a candle's flame. 

The Storm That Speaks is a thunderous blast that comes with "stabbing violent lightning", more on which you can read about below. 

Sunless Skies' Threat update also adds new scouts, by way of the Star-Smitten Bat, the Intrepid Cavey, the Ratronaut, and the Kickstarter-exclusive Cyclopean Own. As always, these boast their own sets of stats and attributes.

Worship sounds interesting, too. Let me defer to Failbetter:  

Captains may now find that certain actions can attract a god's attention or wrath. Currently, only a few events grant or use attention, but more will be added as development continues.

The Waste-Waif dwells in the deserted spaces where suns have died, and commands the winds the same way a shepherd commands sheepdogs. The lost, the outcast and the dying like to imagine a kinship with it.

The Burrower Below gnaws at the roots of heaven. Skyfarers say her breath is the fog that fills the High Wilderness, and sometimes they make oaths in her name. Her retribution is rightly feared.

The Storm that Speaks is a tempestuous power associated with grief, melancholy, regret and the past (where its house is said to lie). Some say that the hours mined in the Reach are its tears. It is partial to souls.

Sunless Skies' Threat build is live—more information on all of the above can be found this way. If you fancy seeing some of that in practice, Failbetter will stream the game's new features from Friday, May 11 at 8am PST/4pm BST on its Twitch channel