Sunless Sea 'Tales of the Grave-Garden' expansion mod adds stories, ships, guns

Sunless Sea is coming to PS4 consoles, I learned today. And while I'm not really fussed about that, the news did remind me I hadn't checked on the game's PC modding community in some time. So I did. And I discovered Enneagon's impressive Tales of the Grave-Garden expansion mod that launched earlier this week. Good old serendipity.  

A year in the making, Tales of the Grave-Garden is an "enormous" expansion pack that brings ten new ships, four new shops, three new Officers—"complete with stories"—and two new adorable Mascots to Sunless Sea. It also adds a host of weapons, engines and ship parts; three new titles and "a whole host of new stories to discover."

Creator Enneagon doesn't offer much more by way of description, but, having fired it up just now, I sense there's much more to it than the project's meagre Nexus Mods blurb suggests.  

"Decide the fate of the Shackled Ziren," explains Enneagon. "Storm the Nadir Palace. Take potshots with the Reluctant Sniper and sing songs with the Ordinary Human Male. There's so much to explore in Tales of the Grave-Garden—are you ready?"

If you reckon so, more information, including installation instructions, for Tales of the Grave-Garden can be found here. Let me leave you with Chris' review of the Sunless Sea base game, and a handful of Grave-Garden screens: