Students major in pizza and magic in this trailer for Two Point Campus

We first learned about college management sim Two Point Campus thanks to a Microsoft Store leak earlier this month. Much like in Two Point Hospital, it's your job to create the perfect college campus for the students in Two Point County to thrive in—hopefully with fewer people dying due to medical malpractice.

And like Two Point Hospital, it's not serious: You can open a Knight School (get it?) or give your students an education in making "gigantic pizzas and equally humongous pies." Each student has a personality and interests that you can use as a guide for building a sprawling campus, and they'll get into ridiculous clubs, concerts, and, what looks like jousting competitions.

"For the first time, build in the great outdoors as you develop your very own campus grounds, buildings, and surroundings," says Sega and Two Point Studios. "Lay down dorms, pathways, hedgerows and more with new easy-to-use creative tools. The only limit is your imagination (and your in-game bank balance)."

Two Point Campus launches in 2022, and there's an official site with more info.

Just normal college stuff

Just normal college stuff (Image credit: Two Point)

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