Stuck in Super Meat Boy? Check out these speed runs

super meat boy

If you picked up Super Meat Boy in the recent Steam sales, you may have noticed that it's quite difficult. In fact, it's face-clawingly, inhumanly hard. The whirling saw blades, infinite drops and traps of its many devious levels can bring tears of rage to the most hardened platforming experts. We're here to help. A youtuber who has completed and almost mastered the game has been throwing up a series of videos in which he completes each level for an A+ rating. It might not seem as though watching someone else beat the game easily will help with the crippling anger of being stuck, but in a game where timing and positioning are everything, the videos below provide a solid tutorial that could help you past the Super Meat Boy's most difficult challenges.

The player's name is MicVlad, and so far he's done videos of the first three worlds, for both light and dark versions of each level. You'll find the first three videos embedded below. In the description section for each video on Youtube there's a handy list of time stamps that will let you skip straight to the level you're stuck on. For more on the game, check out our Super Meat Boy review . The game's on sale right now on Steam .

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