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Streets of Rage 4 will be getting 'more content'

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Members of Dotemu, Guard Crush, and Lizardcube, the three groups behind Streets of Rage 4, recently did an AMA on Reddit (opens in new tab). In between all the questions about when they would add missing character Eddie "Skate" Hunter or give everyone a dash move, they were asked: Will Streets of Rage 4 be getting DLC?

According to Cyrille Imbert, CEO and executive producer of Dotemu, the answer is yes. "We haven't decided anything yet," he wrote, "but we have tons of ideas and listen to you guys as well. So there will definitely be more content. We just need a bit more time to decide what and when, so stay tuned!"

Cyrille Lagarigue, lead programmer of Guard Crush Games, added that, "We are thinking about adding playable characters, but we have not made a decision yet." He also mentioned that "Color options would be nice" when asked.

Imbert was also asked whether Streets of Rage 5 was being planned. "We haven't discussed it yet but we'd like to first focus on SoR4 and continue to add content. But at Dotemu we are currently working on three unanounced similar projects, so stay tuned", he answered.

Our reviewer Wes Fenlon called Streets of Rage 4 "a beautiful, fluid, homage to a classic" in his review (opens in new tab), saying that, "The best reason to play this game is to see the fluid attack animations for each character, to be distracted by one gorgeous backdrop after another, to scrutinize each stage for Easter eggs and cute little details. The second best reason is to revel in the music, which will be on my shortlist for soundtrack of the year."

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