Streamer beats Elden Ring's Malenia at level one with a goddamn dance pad

Elden Ring Malenia
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MissMikkaa is an absolute machine. While most spend their time trying to beat Elden Ring under ordinary circumstances, she's been doing things differently. Not only has she previously beaten the game with one hand and started a level one run of the game with a goddamn dance pad (opens in new tab), but she's also now managed to use it to defeat one of the game's most formidable foes.

Yep, MissMikkaa has taken down Malenia with a level one character, using nothing more than a dance pad and occasionally the keyboard to switch up the pad's input profiles. She posted a snippet of the moment to Twitter, saying it took 553 tries over the course of 15 hours.

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The level of commitment is mighty impressive, and some have even pointed out that it took the streamer fewer attempts on a dance pad than it did for other players using a controller or keyboard and mouse.

As if the kill already wasn't impressive enough, she also revealed that she only needed to use four healing flasks during that attempt. Next on the list is defeating Maliketh, which MissMikkaa spent the rest of her stream heading towards. 

As someone who has too little patience and skill to persist with FromSoft's library, I can't help but be in total awe and admiration of MissMikkaa's skills. It's always fun to see the wild peripherals people use to make a game more challenging or entertaining. Earlier this year we saw SuperLouis64—a streamer who is always conjuring up silly and themed controllers—defeat Godrick with a controller made from bananas. My personal favourite of his is perhaps when he played Dark Souls 3 with a Ring Fit controller, and had to jog on the spot to get his character to move.

Correction: The article originally stated that MissMikkaa used the keyboard to recentre the camera when this was incorrect. She instead uses the keyboard to switch between button profiles on the dance pad, with the camera being controlled via the pad.

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