Stranger of Paradise announces first DLC with a rickroll

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is here to kill even more chaos, with its first expansion set to arrive in July.

The teaser trailer for Trials of the Dragon King—which for some wild reason was briefly a rickroll on the game's official site—doesn't show much, but it gives a pretty good glimpse at two iconic figures from across Final Fantasy's history. As the expansion's title suggests, Bahamut seems to be the primary focus of this DLC. He's one of the series' most recognisable summons, being around since the very first game.

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Final Fantasy's OG protagonist, the Warrior of Light, also makes an appearance. It looks like he'll be one of the Dragon King's trials, with the trailer showing our chaos-killer Jack locked in battle with him.

The expansion will bring a new story, new areas to explore and new bits of armour and weaponry to nab. It's set to release on July 20 and appears to only be available as part of Final Fantasy Origin's season pass. That'll also get you the upcoming Wanderer of the Rift and Different Future DLC whenever they release.

I'm pretty hype for Trials of the Dragon King, even despite Final Fantasy Origin's penchant for cringe and crummy PC port. Anne-Marie Coyle found the game entertaining enough in her review, finding a playful balance between its Soulsy combat and generous shavings of cheese.

Mollie Taylor
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