Strafe release date set for March

Devolver Digital and Pixel Titans' Strafe is the highly explosive, lightning-paced, gut-spilling roguelike FPS that's been dropping ultra-cool retro-inspired trailers since early 2015. Set in outer space in 1996, it echoes the procedural shooters of the same era and is due on PCs come March 28. 

With "endless levels" and "100 percent virtualised 'real' environments", Strafe's self-proclaimed qualities include: "Full-featured 3D projection matrices", "realtime first-person upright biped simulation", and "Digital Gravity". The release date announcement also comes with an equally tongue-in-cheek trailer. 

Packing 30 weapons and 20 enemies, your goal in Strafe is to stay alive for as long as possible while simultaneously laying waste to as many bad guys as you can. That's not depicted very clearly above, which is why you should check out the following Icarus trailer that landed last year

In-keeping with the game's retro-styled shooter theme, Strafe's website is good fun and definitely worth checking out. For those of you too young to remember: this was how the internet (or World Wide Web as we knew it then) looked in the mid-90's. I'm not sure how we coped either. 

Strafe is due March 28.