Steve Jackson's Sorcery! on Steam at last

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I always preferred the idea of choose-your-own-adventure books to the reality, mainly because my catastrophic decision making meant countless restarts and scrawled notes (and yes, cheating). Inkle's Sorcery! (opens in new tab), which draws from Steve Jackson's books, streamlines the process, incorporating all the colourful prose without the need for a notepad on hand. After a long stint on mobile, Sorcery! has finally made it to Steam (opens in new tab).

The PC version combines parts 1 and 2 for a miniscule £4.19/$6 (increasing come February 9). That's the Shamultani Hills and the Cityport of Kharé, big on traps and corruption. Sorcery! is put together by the same folk who did 80 Days (opens in new tab), a safe set of hands (opens in new tab) for any narrative adventure.