Stellaris teases incoming Plantoids Species add-on, due next month

Between its multitude of user-made mods and expansive mid-game lull-fixing patches, the Stellaris universe has steadily grown since its release earlier this year. Today, Paradox revealed the first Species pack to breach the space-flung 4X-meets-grand-strategy’s bounds will be the Plantoids Species—a new bunch of botany-beautiful phenotypes freshly picked for intergalactic domination. There's no mention of price for the pack just yet, but they'll be landing August 4 in any event. 

“This first species pack will be called Plantoids, and, as its name suggests, will introduce sentient plant life to the universe of Stellaris,” reads the announcement. “Instead of becoming salad or animal fodder, these plants have reached for the stars and begun to spread their tendrils across the galaxy, planting the roots of new civilizations on new planets.”

With that, the upcoming add-on will bring with it not only a new playable species, but also 15 new portraits, a new cityscape background, and a range of new ship models for players to tinker with. I could be mistaken, but looks like a new warp animation too. 

In other Stellaris news, Paradox have also released a Stellaris Ebook and a Stellaris OST—both of which are available to buy via Steam and the Paradox Store, if that sort of thing floats your Destroyer.

Look out for the Plantoids come August 4.