Stellaris unveils Distant Stars story DLC with gentle giants and angry space neighbours

Hot on the heels of its anomaly-overhauling, multi-star system-flaunting 2.1 update reveal, Stellaris has unveiled its latest story pack. Named Distant Stars, the as yet undated narrative expansion targets exploration and discovery.

To this end, intrepid space surfers might uncover new anomalies, or encounter strange beings. They might unearth "hidden traces of an ancient gateway network" or unique solar systems ripe for research. And they might happen upon "unique gargantuan creatures"—who may come in peace or insist that you leave in pieces. 

Here's a trailer:

On that, Paradox's official line reads: "Distant Stars will add new content and features to Stellaris including a sealed jump lane in the gateway network leading to a mysterious sector entirely outside known space, but players must be quick as the mightiest empires of the galaxy are all racing to find the secret to unlock it." 

I recently returned to Stellaris for the first time following its comprehensive 2.0 patch. Like Phil, I enjoyed the 4x-meets-grand strategy venture's early game promise at launch, but struggled with its mid-late game lulls. It's in a much better state now, which sets up Distant Stars nicely. The new DLC is without a hard release date for now, but will cost $9.99/your regional equivalent when it lands.

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