Steel Division 2 trailer shows off new units and Eastern Front warzone

Steel Division 2 keeps the WWII RTS battles of the previous game, but wraps them in a much bigger turn-based wargame on the Eastern Front. Its latest trailer shows off some of that in practice.

Cue tanks, fighter jets, soldiers pegging it through long grass and, of course, a fair amount of explosions:

More specifically, the above takes a closer look at Steel Division 2's Armoury and new turn-based 'Dynamic Strategic Campaigns'. There, players will control over 600 historically-accurate army units across 18 divisions during Operation Bagration. You'll manage supplies, organise reinforcements and tinker with SD2's revamped deck building mechanics.  

And you'll do all of that inside 25 different Eastern Front-set maps in offline mode against the AI, and online mode against pals and strangers alike—in co-op, or 10v10 multiplayer showdowns.

You should absolutely read Fraser's preview in full, but I liked this paragraph about its active battlefield.

The campaign map is certainly busy, overflowing with units and potential targets. Thousands of troops need to be sent all over the battlefield, necessitating a network of HQs and supply depots to keep them in fighting condition. And before you send them up against the enemy, there are dense lists of stats to pore over for every unit, detailing their training, weapons, and ammunition. Eugen is essentially building an operational wargame, like Unity of Command without the hexes. 

Steel Division 2 is without a hard launch date, but more info can be gleaned from its official site.