Steel Division 2 announced, moving to the Eastern Front

Eugen Systems has announced that it will be self-publishing Steel Division 2, a sequel to its 2017 real-time strategy game Steel Division: Normandy 44. In it, we'll move over to WWII's Eastern Front with new 'Dynamic Strategic Campaigns' set during Operation Bagration, the massive Soviet offensive that pierced the German line, eventually reaching Warsaw.

These 'dynamic' campaigns are "highly replayable," says Eugen, mapping the details of the battles on a 1:1 scale with 25 maps, over 600 units, a new art direction, "revamped combat," and an updated engine.

"Each turn equals half a day, allowing players to form their strategy and plan their next encounter, while carefully managing their units and supply lines," reads the press release. "Prospective commanders will be able to control entire army corps and subordinate battalions consisting of thousands of men." (Better read up on Soviet Deep Battle.)

Steel Division 2 will also include co-op and 10v10 multiplayer battles. We quite liked Steel Division: Normandy 44, so while there's no release date announced just yet, it's obviously of interest. You can see the announcement trailer above, or on YouTube, and check out the official site at

Earlier this year, 21 developers at Eugen Systems went on strike for two months, but ended the work stoppage in April without negotiations or resolution. We haven't heard anything new since then, but you can read about the situation as of April here.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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