Steamfarer is a steampunk airship RPG


I wrote briefly about Steamfarer a few weeks ago, when it won "Best 3D graphics" in Intel's Level Up contest. Back then, I didn't have much to say, because it didn't have a Steam page or a website. Now it at least has the latter, with lots of screenshots to show off those award-winning graphics, and even a trailer.

From the looks of it, you fly around in your steampunk airship, and occasionally have weirdly static-looking fights with other ships, some of which are big enough to call themselves bosses. The developer says the combat is "distantly reminiscent of Final Fantasy's active-time battle system and combat system of FTL: Faster Than Light".

Naturally, there are lots of ships available, and guns and other equipment with which to upgrade them. It looks like you can also pick and choose your crew and level them up.

Steamfarer is currently being developed by one person, Igor Rashkuev, and it'll be on Steam at an unspecified point in the future. What do you think? Does it float your steampunk airboat?

Steamfarer 1

Steamfarer 2

Steamfarer 3

Steamfarer 4