Steam your own hams, LucasArts style in this fan-made Simpsons adventure game

Superintendent Chalmers
(Image credit: Neodement)

It might be a little behind the curve, but a free indie adventure game has proven there's still plenty life to be found in 2018's hottest meme.

Developed by neodement and inspired by games like Day of the Tentacle, Steamed Hams: The Graphic Adventure reimagines the classic Simpsons short as a LucasArts-style adventure. Answer the door, ruin your roast, and perform isometric exercises in period-appropriate low-res stylings. It's a loving rendition, too, compressing the show's dialogue and tweaking the pacing to give it that perfect, stilted, early-90s feel.

As Skinner, you're guided through the skit using an arsenal of classic adventure game commands. Use "Open" on the door to let Chalmers in, "Look" out the window to eye up some fast food. You'll also occasionally get dialogue choices, though sadly you can't pull Skinner very far off course.

Seymour weighs up his dialogue options.

(Image credit: neodement)

Really, that's the thing that would have cemented this daft wee game's period accuracy—the ability to unfairly or cruelly fail the skit by, say, putting Skinner's head in the oven or failing to adequately convince Chalmers that "steamed hams" really is an Albany expression. 

That said, Steamed Hams: The Graphic Adventure is a loving wee rendition of a timeless comedy moment, and well worth a quick download over on gamejolt

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