Steam has an average of 14 million concurrent users every day

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Steam is huge, but sometimes it takes cold hard figures to really know how big something is. And thanks to a recent Valve presentation at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle earlier this week (via Geekwire), we have some interesting numbers.

The most interesting one, to me at least, is that Steam has almost doubled its daily concurrents since 2015. Nowadays the company gets an average of 14 million peak concurrent users per day, while back in 2015 it was a (comparatively) small 8.4 million.

Meanwhile, Steam gets around 67 million monthly active players, and a rather astonishing 33 million daily active players. Let's just say, when you open Steam to play your favourite clicker, you are very much not alone. Another interesting stat regarding the platform's growth, is that the company has sold to 27 million different new purchasers (ie, first-time purchasers) since January 2016 – nearly 1.5m a month.

In another graph, the company provides a breakdown of its sales by region so far this year. North America accounts for 34 percent; Western Europe 29 percent; Asia 17 percent; while Russian territories, Oceania and Latin America are 5, 4, and 3 percent respectively.

You can read Geekwire's full report over here.

Shaun Prescott

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