Steam grew 15 percent in three months to 75 million users

We've all been eagerly anticipating the info coming out of Steam Dev Days , the developers-only conference held by Valve in Seattle. There have been rumors of the demise of Greenlight and pictures of free Steam controllers and Steam Machines given out to attendees—rumors that we've been unable to substantiate because press is not allowed at the conference. To make up for barring us, though, Valve has sent us the most precious gift of all: a graph.

Anecdotally, we know that the Steam holiday sale is a pretty big deal. Just how big a deal is it, though? In the last three months, Steam's userbase has increased 15% to 75 million active accounts, up from 65 million in October. A press release sent along with The Graph credits the new accounts to the holiday and pre-holiday sale:

“In addition, members of the Steam publishing team gave attendees a geographic breakdown of Steam's 2013's sales revenue,” the press release continues before getting to the really great part, that gorgeous graph. “While the data showed a virtual tie between North America (41%) and Europe (40%) for the lion's share of Steam's global activity, Russia and Brazil realized the largest year over year growth (2013 vs. 2012) as individual countries, respectively increasing 128% and 75%.”

It's still afternoon in Seattle, and the conference runs until tomorrow, so there will no doubt be more news coming out Steam Dev Days. Will there be more graphs? It's too soon to tell, and too much to hope for. We'll keep you updated .