Steam celebrates Carnival with its first-ever Made in Brazil Sale

Made in Brazil Steam Sale logo
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Brazil's gaming scene doesn't get enough attention, Wes said in his feature on Brazilian gamers and developers last year, but it will get a big publicity bump soon thanks to Steam's first-ever Made in Brazil Sale, which will kick off tomorrow with more than 500 games made by Brazilian teams.

The sale was the brainchild of BitCake Studio founder Eduardo Lamhut, who tweeted about his plan for the sale back in September 2022. From there, BitCake coordinated the development and approval of the sale, which has attracted more than 250 game companies and a range of genres "from action and adventure to strategy and simulation."

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"Talking to other developers, we suddenly realized that there was never a Steam sale just for Brazilian games," Lamhut said. "We've already seen sales focused on Latin America, and various thematic sales in which Brazilian games were present, but we never had one focused on the national industry. Several countries have already done this, and it was time for us to do it too!"

And now it's happening.

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The Made in Brazil Steam Sale begins on February 18—that's tomorrow—and will run until February 23, which not coincidentally is also the week of Brazil's first full-blown Carnival since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here's a quick rundown of just some of the games that will be in the sale—ignore the prices, the sale isn't live until tomorrow!

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