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State of Play show off Lumino City, the handcrafted sequel to their gorgeous Lume

I haven't played Lume - the charming paper-and-cardboard-crafted adventure game - but the following video of its sequel, Lumino City , had me regretting that decision immediately. As with its predecessor, the game is being created with handmade characters and sets, giving it a beautiful, striking, diorama-esque visual style that's far more effective at suggesting a 3D space than a pair of dark glasses and an overpriced cinema ticket. Speaking to IndieGames , State of Play Games revealed that Lumino City will be several times larger than Lume, with the promise of better puzzles, and a "massive leap" in the fidelity of the handcrafted scenes, thanks to a number of technological advancements (including motors and laser-cutting).

Lumino City should release in "late Spring" this year, on PC, Mac and Linux (with iOS versions coming later, presumably once they've squished the sets with a hammer so they can fit on the smaller screens). Head over to IndieGames to learn more about the creation process, but not before gawping at this stunning teaser trailer:

[Edit: Updated with the correct spelling of Lumino City, thanks to Zimbocow. It's totally a pun! D'oh!]