StarCraft 2 tournament Red Bull Battlegrounds gets its grand final today

StarCraft 2 tourney Red Bull Battlegrounds has been ongoing for five months now, thankfully spread out across six separate events rather than being some kind of exhausting endurance event. The grand final takes place today in Washington DC, but you don't need to hop on a plane, a boat, or give your homemade teleporter a try in order to watch it—it's also being streamed on the internet, because 2014. The eSportsy shindig kicks off at 11AM EST, both today and tomorrow, which equates to 4PM in UK time. We've embedded a link to the stream below.

Here's the skinny on the tournament: eight StarCraft 2 pros will be battling each other today and tomorrow to win "the lion's share" of a sizeable $50,000 prize pool. At the start of the event they'll be split into two groups of four, in a "best of three round double elimination format. The first player to two wins will move on to the finals on Sunday". Players include Won Lee Sak (aka 'PartinG'), winner of last year's event, and casters/commentators include Day[9] (aka 'Sean Plott'). The event was preceded on Thursday by a panel entitled 'The Business of eSports', which might be worth a watch while you wait for the final to kick off. That, too, was streamed on Twitch, and it's available to watch here .

Here's the embed link. Reminder: the final starts at 11AM EST.

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