Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm's new units


New Protoss Unit: Mothership Core

After a few games with it, I started to use the Protoss' new Mothership Core like a Terran's Orbital Command upgrade: I grabbed it early. It's a more offensive option than that upgrade, allowing Protoss players to morph a whacking great cannon on their chosen Nexus to defend against early attacks. It also comes packaged with the Mothership's Mass Recall ability, allowing Protoss poking in the early-mid game. Previously, any Protoss force was committed to its attack, Sentries and such too slow to retreat. Now, Browder hopes players will be willing to commit their floaty, no-mouthed spacemen to early engagements, safe in the knowledge they can be yanked out of battle. It also spurred me on to actually use the Mothership - when you've got a large chunk of it hovering in the centre of your view, it tends to stick in your mind.