Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm's new units


New Terran Unit: Warhound

The Warhound's had its application changed heavily since its Blizzcon outing. There it was replacement therapy for the Thor, shooting down clumps of Mutalisks. Now it's turned into a dedicated siegebreaker, its rockets auto-targeting nearby mechanical units and turning them to scrap. It also does well in a robo-fist fight, hand-mounted cannons popping Zerg Roaches in moments. Coupled with the Battle Hellion, I can see a new mini-mech style of Terran vs. Terran play emerging: a roving band of commandos punching through defences and raiding bases. A sort of halfway house between long, static Siege Tank lines and the drop-heavy bio builds we see players like MMA pull off.