Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm's new units


New Protoss Unit: Oracle

The Oracle's perhaps the most interesting of HotS's new units. A floating spellcaster, each of its abilities could be devastating in the hands of a player like Genius. Most annoying for Zerg and Terrans will be the Oracle's 'entomb' spell, letting it tie up mineral patches and restrict their mining for a time. It's possible to destroy the glowing prisms the Oracle coats your precious minerals with, but any Protoss using the tactic extensively will mean you'll need to leave a few troops at home to crack through the coating. Oracles can also cloak nearby units, albeit at a heavy energy cost. Stealth assaults will necessitate an increase in detection: fortunately, the Oracle has that covered too - it can use its 'preordain' ability to make any friendly building a detector, spotting hidden and burrowed units. Game Director Dustin Browder suggested that this gives Protoss more options when it comes to openings, being able to use the Oracle to detect gambits like a Dark Templar rush without being forced to invest in Robotics Bay technology.