StarCraft 2 double XP event kicks off today

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void header

You can earn double XP in StarCraft 2 this week as part of a Christmas event that runs from today, December 24, through to Sunday January 3.

That's according to a post on, which also announces hourly in-game tournaments starting later today at 12pm PST, though you don't have to play online to earn XP for your profile. "Whether you've wanted that sweet level 25 dance animation, or want to increase your commander tevels in Co-op Missions, this will be a great time to play" says Blizz.

Of course many will be playing StarCraft 2 regardless thanks to the release of the outstanding Legacy of the Void expansion last week. We gave it a score of 91 and an editor's choice award in our review.

Tom Senior

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