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Starbreeze teams up with Acer to manufacture StarVR headsets

So far the premium VR space has been a tight battle between Valve, HTC and Oculus, but don’t forget that Swedish studio Starbreeze is also working on its own headset. Dubbed the StarVR, the high resolution headset was demonstrated at E3 last year and reportedly boasts an impressive 210 degree field of vision.

Starbreeze is likely to talk more about StarVR in the coming months, because Acer has announced that it’s partnering with the studio to manufacture the headsets. In a statement, Acer CEO Jason Chen said the company will “[devote] R&D resources across multiple aspects of the VR ecosystem,” and reiterated that the headset will be compatible with a new range of desktops and notebooks Acer announced last month.

Perhaps due to the premium nature of the headset (its field of vision is almost double that of the Oculus Rift), Starbreeze hasn’t openly discussed consumer models for the StarVR. Instead, the studio intends to showcase the tech at arcades like the StarCade, which is scheduled to open in the next couple of months.

StarVR’s main showpony will be PayDay studio Overkill’s forthcoming The Walking Dead adaptation, which is scheduled to release some time in 2017.

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