Starbreeze is working on its own VR headset

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Starbreeze, the Swedish studio responsible for The Darkness and parent company to PayDay studio Overkill, is working on a VR headset following its acquisition of French VR company InfinitEye. Dubbed Project StarVR, the headset will be on display at E3 this week and will boast a whopping 210 degrees field of view, according to Starbreeze producer Tyler Sparks in the video below.

That field of view is impressive compared to the Oculus Rift's 100 degrees. The two 5.5 inch Quad HD panels will pump out a 5120x1440 resolution, and will be used to showcase Overkill's forthcoming The Walking Dead adaptation, which is expected to release in 2016.

"Back in 2012 when consumers regained faith in VR, we were already working on this concept, but I had the feeling immersion wasn't complete and thought I could do better," said InfinitEye CEO Lionel Anton.

InfinitEye has been working on its own head mounted display for some time under the name InfinitEye HMD. The headset will work in concert with the Valhalla Engine, which Starbreeze acquired last month. According to last month's announcement Valhalla "supports not only 3D but is fully virtual reality (VR) ready, and proofed on several headsets currently on the market."

With SteamVR, Oculus Rift and Sony's Morpheus just around the corner, it'll be interesting to see what a traditionally software-oriented company can bring to the space.

Shaun Prescott

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