Starbound trailer teases environmental diversity, trees growing eyeballs

Starbound thumb

How many biomes will Starbound have? Quite a lot, according to this teaser video for Terraria's sort of spiritual successor. Which naturally leads to a second question: when did we start referring to these things as "biomes" instead of "environments" or "terrain types"? Whatever they are, they'll be available in many shades, including snow, lava, desert and... eyeballs?

Yup, eyeballs.

The Starbound team is posting daily updates on their blog , detailing the progress of the game. Previous videos have shown what you can find up in space , and revealed that it's possible to sing the background music to the Bridge Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog's Master System version. Important work being done here.

While there's no release date, beyond "2013", you can explore how much progress the team has made here .

Phil Savage

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