Starbound is getting player-made space stations

After a few years in Early Access, Starbound launched in full last year. Chris liked it, and it's since introduced some pretty wholesome updates—the latest of which will let players craft and customise their own space stations. 

"All for a relatively reasonable cost", personalised interstellar dwellings will come with an entrance for your mech and a teleported for your convenience. Stations can then be upgraded and expanded, so says developer Chucklefish in this blog post, so as to create the "intricate corridor maze of your dreams", should that be something you're into. 

"This is something we’ve wanted for a really long time and it has finally found its place in the upcoming update," Chucklefish adds, in reference to the incoming but as yet dateless update 1.3. 

When that arrives it'll also come packing a new mech assembly feature which, as you might imagine, lets you assemble your own mechs. Doing so involves visiting a Mech Assembly Station, where you can swap parts, paint, and view the appearance and stats of your mechs. Horns are optional too, apparently. 

Again, Starbound's update 1.3 is without a concrete launch date for now, however its updates are typically filled with gifs. Here are but a few: