Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next expansion teased

In the teasiest of teases, Bioware has revealed Star Wars: The Old Republic will expand in the coming months, courtesy of its incoming Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. Following on from the story-driven Knights of the Fallen Empire, the latest entry will apparently feature “more of BioWare’s trademark cinematic storytelling, as well as exciting new game features.”

Beyond that, there’s not much else to go on for now—besides an animation and the chance to sign up for more details as and when they become available. 

When KOTET does arrive, it will align with The Old Republic’s fifth anniversary which EA and Bioware have marked with a celebratory blog post from director of design James Ohlen; an infographic which, among other things, notes players have sunk an impressive 1.5 million hours into SW:TOR since 2011; a handy collection of the game’s trailers; and this video.

While we wait for more substantial information regarding the Knights of the Eternal Throne add-on, now would be a good time to check out its immediate forerunner if you missed it last year—there’s a free trial for Knights of the Fallen Empire's first chapter running right now

Knights of the Eternal Throne is expected to launch in “Fall 2016”.