Knights of the Fallen Empire episodes will continue story after launch


EA really wants us to believe that Knights of the Fallen Empire, the new expansion for The Old Republic, is going to be as good as Knights of the Old Republic was back in the day: it's got a similar name, they brought someone who worked on the original to the Gamescom stage to talk about it, and they keep saying it's a "return to Bioware's storytelling roots".

The 30 seconds of footage showed during the press briefing doesn't reveal much but it does look comfortingly Bioware, deep-voiced antagonist and moral decisions and all. Whether you continue with your existing character or create one at Level 60 to jump straight into the expansion, you play as The Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War. Naturally, you get to decide whether you play the hero or embrace the dark side.

Of course, Knights of the Fallen Empire does differ from KOTOR in some ways. It's episodic, so when it comes out on October 27 we only get the first nine chapters. And as long as you already subscribe to The Old Republic you'll get those nine chapters for free.