Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer introduces you to update 2.3, the Titans of Industry

Update 2-3

There's a whole galaxy out there. How is there not one place in it where people are just pleasant? It's always danger this, and dark secrets that. In Titans of Industry, the 2.3 update for Star Wars: The Old Republic , it's CZ-198 - a privately owned moon, turned research and trade hub, turned seedy underbelly of corruption and deadly secrets. No change there, then.

Update 2.3 is now live, adding all the features advertised on the game's annoyingly RP update page . To translate, the patch adds two new flashpoints, the CZ-198 daily mission area, a new Ewok companion, and a Tauntaun mount. Bounty missions are also due to start soon: a list of undesirables your characters will be asked to track down and kill.

Phil Savage

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