Star Wars: The Old Republic to get Guild Capital Ships, more PvP, expanded space combat

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has opened up to the first wave of pre-orderers, but Bioware are already talking about the future of The Old Republic. In a new post on The Old Republic community news page , the devs outline some of the features they're planning to add, including new Operations, Flashpoints and extra solo missions. Guilds can expect to have their own banks before any other new features, but in the long run Bioware are hoping "to deliver on the promise of the long hinted at 'Guild Capital Ships.'"

There's also an entire team dedicated exclusively to building new PvP challenges. New Warzones will be high on the agenda, but there's also talk about the high level open world PvP on Ilum, which few people got to see on the beta. The on-rails space shooter sections will also be expanded, with cryptic hints at "a special project" that will change space battles "in a significant way." UI customisation and new Legacy features are also promised. You can read the full list of planned features below.

  • New Content – We will be adding new content to the galaxy on an ongoing basis. These worlds will include Operations, Flashpoints and solo content.

  • Guild Functionality – Guilds are important to the long term health of any MMORPG. We have a huge list of guild centric features. This will be an ongoing effort that will probably never end. Guild banks are the first thing we'll be delivering in our plans for increased guild functionality. Eventually we even want to deliver on the promise of the long hinted at “Guild Capital Ships”.

  • UI customization – You like choice. We hear you! SWTOR is all about choice. Being able to choose how you interact with an online game is something we feel is very important. We are going to be giving more control over the UI as an ongoing effort. This is a very big priority for us.

  • PvP – We have an entire team dedicated to adding content and features to player vs. player. We have some of the most experienced PvP developers in the world on this team. So far very few people have seen, or know much about the stunning Open World PVP on Ilum; when you get to the high levels prepare to be blown away! In addition to that high level PVP content, expect new Warzones and new PvP features on a regular basis.

  • Space Combat – We will continue to add missions to the space game. We also have a special project going on right now that will expand space gameplay in a significant way... for now the details will have to remain under wraps.

  • Legacy System – The ability to select a surname for your character is just the start of something much bigger. Soon, the Legacy experience and levels you earn will grant your characters access to powers, objects and other cool benefits.

  • And more – We have an entire team of developers working on future content. Right now we are focused on nothing else but Star Wars: The Old Republic, so expect new and cool things.

If you're logging into The Old Republic today for the first time, you'll find our EU guild on the Nightmare Lands server and our US guild on The Crucible Pits. If you'd like to say hello to fellow guild members and other TOR players, swing by our forums . The idea of a guild capital ship sounds amazing, especially if it lets us make a PC Gamer Deathstar. Think of the possibilities!

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